DIY or Hire?

toolsAs you may have figured by this point, we generally recommend hiring professional roof & other home repair companies out there for any work you might need as opposed to trying to fix it yourself.

This is especially true for those who may not have the experience necessary to properly repair damaged roofs and can actually hurt and cost you in the long run.

If you caught our last one where we discussed home inspections, then you should have a general idea on whether or not you will be able to successfully do the work yourself that will satisfy a professional company whose job it is to look for problem areas. If you are unsure then it is probably a good idea to turn to the pros.

Among and like others we have referred you and our clients to, – Roofing Contractors for Hire is a team that specializes in both inspections and repairs and have done great things for us and our clients. We mention them because they have offered special deals when you use them for both an inspection and repair which can be common with companies like them. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure!

The one problem that we have seen from our clients and it is definitely a common one, is that a lot of people genuinely can’t afford to hire a team of contractors to come out and do the work for them. Generally speaking, it will cost you much more money than if you do it yourself but the value gained on your home is usually much more than worth it.

If your budget is a problem and hiring a professional company is out of the question, then there are definitely resources out there to help you along the way. To get an idea of what is out there, you can check out House Logic – DIY Checklist and see if you think this is something you can tackle. This is something you will have to decide on your own, based on your situation and what you can afford to spend.

If You’re Unsure, Ask for Help!

homeThis one is going to be for either people looking to buy a new home, or those trying to sell. Now that we have gone over both the interior and exterior of your home and what to look out for, we can talk about the two together and your home as a whole. Keep in mind the fact that we mentioned before in regards to us seeing more sales fail because of a poor exterior rather than interior.

So if you have gone through the house (either your own or one you are potentially going to buy) and still aren’t 100% sure that everything checks out, don’t be afraid to call up a professional home inspection team to come out and see what they can find! An inspection for your home and roof can be as cheap as a couple hundred bucks!

These services are created and hired in order to find problems in a home and don’t take offense to this, but they are in this industry for a reason and generally can do a much better job than you or me could do.

They look in every crack and crevice in a home and their job depends on finding flaws anywhere and everywhere throughout the home and they will most definitely not be shy in telling both parties. We have been recommending a number of agencies to our clients for years and we have had nothing but success stories.

So What’s More Important?

So with our last two posts we have talked briefly about renovations on both the inside and outside of your home. What really adds the most value to your home and what should your primary focus be on?

Well as we have mentioned on our last one, we have always primarily focused on the exterior of homes and how important little things can be when trying to make a sale on a home. That is not to say however, that you should neglect to have the interior of your home taken care of and put all of your attention on the outside. Things like plumbing, painting, & appliances can make a huge difference in someone’s opinion on a home and could ultimately be make or break deals.

Keeping that in mind, we will say that we have definitely seen more sales fall through because of neglecting the exterior of homes more often and you might be wondering why that is. Well from our experience, we have noticed that first impressions really do mean a lot in regards to the real estate market in any location. If someone doesn’t immediately love everything about the outside of your home, chances are they are going to look at the inside with some sort of bias and might start judging different aspects of your home much more critically.

We gave an example of a roofing contractor that we have recommended to our clients many times and give another one here at – Top Roofing Contractors as a reference for what we mean by having professionals come in and do the job for your home. If you attempt to handle any major project like the roof of your home done and you aren’t as experienced as you should be, then you are more than likely setting yourself up for disaster.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, even The Huffington Post can back up what we are advising.

What About The Interior?

plumbAlthough we typically have spent the majority of our work dealing with the exterior of homes, the interior is obviously just as important and should never be neglected when trying to either buy or sell a home.

Just like hiring the right kind of roofing contractor, hiring the right contractor for the interior of your home is just as important and you should take the same necessary precautions when looking for that perfect team. Unfortunately, there are countless home owners out there who neglect to have their home properly maintained in regards to things you can’t see (things like plumbing, for example).

We here at eAtlanta Homes have always recommended having a fully licensed and professional home inspection team do a complete inside & out inspection of any home to get a full diagnosis of any potential threats. Don’t take a home owner’s word for it when it comes to the state of a house. Remember, they are going to do anything they can to make the sale and unfortunately, this can include leaving out very important details that could potentially make or break the deal.

Hiring a professional home inspection team will erase the potential of hidden details that you might not have thought of when taking a tour of a house you are potentially going to invest all of your money in. Remember that they are being paid to actually look for potential problems of a home so you can safely take their word for whatever they find.

Our Contacts

surveyorSticking to our word from yesterday, we are going to talk about some of the businesses that we have been hiring and recommending to our clients for years.

Having been in the real estate business for both buyers and sellers for over a decade, we have made connections with some of the most reputable and reliable teams of home builders and renovators in the business.

We like to consider ourselves among the top tier of agents in the country and we wouldn’t settle for any less from the contractors that we do business with.

I don’t think we need to explain in much detail the importance of hiring a team that you can depend on for any home renovations, for both buyers and sellers.

It takes more than just some flashy upgrades to a home to increase the overall value of a property. The work that your contractors put into your home is just as important! That is why we only recommend our clients to contractors and companies that we have been in contact with for years and are as good at the work that they do as we are in selling homes!

Click here for an example of one of the roofing contractors that we have hired numerous times over the years for our clients. Anyone that you hire should have proof of their licenses and you should never hesitate to ask to see them in person.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for companies to deceive naive customers when it comes to license and insurance. A reputable company will always be happy to show you any documentation that you request.

Our Market

atlantaWe handle homes for sale in Atlanta Georgia as well as Atlanta town homes and condos.  Our specialties include Atlanta homes & Atlanta town homes, Alpharetta homes & Alpharetta town homes, Roswell homes & Roswell town homes, Duluth homes & Duluth town homes, and Dunwoody homes, Sandy Springs homes and town homes for sale.

We have extensive knowledge in many other areas of metro Atlanta, so no matter where you are looking, you can trust that your needs will be met. Our market area is all Metro Atlanta. We service Cobb County, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Forsyth County and Gwinnett County.

We are very familiar with Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Duluth, Buckhead, and Midtown.

We are also specializing in higher end and luxurious properties by working directly with construction companies and other reputable contractors. For buyers, we always recommend having one of our contracting companies do a full and proper home inspection to ensure you are receiving nothing but the highest potential value for your dollar. For sellers, we only hire the most professional and honest contractors in the business that are guaranteed to add thousands of dollars onto any home or property.

We will discuss in more detail about some of the contractors and companies that we have been in contact with over the years next so make sure you stay tuned.

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